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October 2016

Q3: Where can I make my TVFCU MasterCard payment??
A3: There are a few options...
-Mail your payment to MasterCard as indicated on your bill.
-Right at TVFCU! We kindly ask that you have your payment indicated on your deposit slip.
-Log into our Home Banking at to transfer funds to your MasterCard
-Or transfer funds on This is a great way to review your statement and redeem your ScoreCard Reward Points!

Q1: Is TVFCU closed in observance of Columbus Day?
A1: Yes, we are closed on Monday, October 10th. Please click here for remaining holidays for 2016.

September 2016

Q3: When will I be receiving my Christmas Club check in the mail?
A3: Christmas Club funds will be available in the account you designated by October 1st. If you have never had a Christmas Club, you may start one at any time. Please click here for more info.

Q2: I noticed an artist painting on the doors by your drive-thru area. Can you tell me why?
A2: TVFCUís new paintings in the drive-thru are part of the City Canvas Art Trail Project by Brian Kemp.

Q1: At what location does the credit union have an ATM other than in their drive-thru?
A1: There is an additional ATM located at the Batavia VA Medical Center, 222 Richmond Avenue, found on the ground floor near the canteen commerce area. TVFCU members can use this ATM surcharge free when using their TVFCU debit MasterCard. Click here for a listing of more surcharge free ATM locations in Genesee County.

August 2016

Q6: Do I have to notify TVFCU if I want to use Wanda?
A6: Yes, if you have never taken advantage of Wanda before, please call or stop into the credit union to receive your default pin # so that you can begin using our 24 hour automated phone teller. Click here for more information.

Q5: May I have a wire transfer deposited into my account?
A5: Yes, we do accept wire deposits. There is a fee for this transaction. It is important to realize wire deposits can also be fraudulent. Take care in giving out your information. Please click here for further details.

Q4: How can I find out my TVFCU MasterCard transactions before my monthly statement arrives in the mail?
A4: An excellent tool to use to view your MasterCard transactions can be found at Simply create a username, challenge question and password. You will need your 16-digit MasterCard number. Then you will be able to login to view recent transaction history, pending authorizations, available credit limit, previous monthís statements, set up alerts for your MasterCard account, choose paperless statements and even make your payment.
If you prefer, you may call MasterCardís 24 Hour Automated General Customer Service at 1-800-299-9842. Again, you will need your 16-digit card number in order to use.

Q3: What does it mean if my account becomes dormant?
A3: A dormant account at TVFCU is an account that has shown no activity (deposits, withdrawals and/or transfers) over one calendar year, other than the posting of dividends and/or fees or service charges. Cashing checks does not count as activity. If your account happens to become dormant, TVFCU will notify members by mail forewarning that their account will incur a $10.00 Inactive Account Fee for every month their account remains dormant.
Financial Institutions are among many organizations required by law to report dormant accounts to the New York State Comptroller. If an account is inactive for three years or more, funds must be reported as abandoned. TVFCUís goal is to have you control your own money, not to turn your funds over to the state. In order to achieve this, our members are notified of dormancy after 12 months of inactivity.

Q2: Can I purchase Darien Lake Theme Park tickets at TVFCU?
A2: Yes, members can purchase discounted Darien Lake Good Any Day Tickets for $28.99 in our office. Price includes parking. Children under 2yrs old are free. Click here for a limited time promotion offer for a FREE ticket!

Q1: How do I reset my password on TVFCUís Home Banking website?
A1: On the login page, click the brown box that reads "Reset Password" under the Forgot My Password section to get started.
-Enter your account number, the random code and click next.
-Type your last name and your home ZIP Code as they appear on your account. Also, type the answer to the security question that is shown and click next.
-Verify your security key and then type a new password, confirm that password and click change.
**Please note that if you've attempted logging in with the incorrect information previously, you will need to contact us at 585.343.5627 as your Home Banking access could be locked out.

July 2016

Q7What is a good way for me to save my money?
A7: Use "one of TVFCU's best kept secrets" and take advantage of our Payroll Distribution Form. Click here to print a form. Have your employer or depositor send funds to your account at TVFCU. By completing our Payroll Distribution Form, we will internally allocate your direct deposit to any suffix you choose. Distribute funds to any or all of your Share Accounts, to any other member at the credit union, even your Payroll Deducted Loans at TVFCU. After you indicate your allocations on our form, just watch as your direct deposits add up! Change this form at any time. It's as simple as that!

Q6Where should I save my money?
A6: In a dividend (interest) bearing account. Compare dividend rates when choosing a product that is best for you!
At TVFCU, use your Primary Share (savings) Account referred to as "suffix 0" or "S0". Also save money in our Secondary Share Accounts such as S3, S5 or S8. All of which are under your primary member number and earn quarterly dividends. These additional suffixes allow you to keep your funds separate when saving for different goals. Donít forget to use TVFCU Club Accounts, which include our Christmas Club and our Vacation Club. Club accounts currently earn a higher dividend rate. Click here for our current rates.
For more information on any of our account types, please click here or contact TVFCU.

Q5Why should I save?
A5: Consider a few good reasons...
- Do you want to be restricted to terms set by creditors? When you save and have money on hand when you needed it - this is empowering!
- As many of us know, unexpected financial expenses happen. Having an emergency savings stacked away makes emergency situations easier to deal with.
- An early start to savings provides peace of mind that you will be able to help your child with education expenses.
- Save for yourself to ensure a sustainable retirement.

Q4: Has there been a recipient selected for the TVFCU Jr. Banking Scholarship?
A4: Yes! There actually were two recipients selected, Emma Patterson (Pembroke) and Jaide Alexyn (Pembroke). The Jr. Banking Scholarship 5k/10k, held on June 11th, raised $1,500.00 for the scholarship. Each recipient received $750.00 toward their college expenses in the fall. Congratulations Emma and Jaide!

Q3Who should be saving?
A3: All of us! You are never too young to start. At TVFCU, we encourage youth to save by offering Junior Banking in-school branches.
There is no age requirement to open an account at TVFCU as long as a child has a Social Security Number. We encourage and may require that an adult be added as a Joint Account holder on a child's account. Please click here for more info.
And for the adults, it is never too late to begin saving. Don't delay. Begin saving today and watch your savings grow!

Q2: How can I find the nearest surcharge free ATM location with my mobile phone that I can use with my TVFCU MasterCard?
A2: Text your zip code or city/state to MYCOOP (692667) from your mobile phone.

Q1When should I begin saving?
A1:  There is no better time than now! July is National Savings Month. Start saving NOW by cutting expenses. You can lower your food bill by using coupons, packing a lunch and eating more meals at home. You can lower your energy costs by adjusting your thermostat, buying energy efficient appliances and switching out old style light bulbs for new energy efficient ones. There are many ways to SAVE!

June 2016

Q5:  What is the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank?
A5:  Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that exist to serve their members. Like banks, credit unions accept deposits, make loans and provide a wide array of other financial services. But as member-owned and cooperative institutions, credit unions provide a safe place to save and borrow at reasonable rates.

Q4:  Can you save funds in a Vacation Club account at TVFCU? 
A4:  Yes, a Vacation Club is an additional savings suffix that you may open under your existing member number!  Simply ask a TVFCU associate to open it for you.  Funds can be deposited into your Vacation Club suffix many ways; for example at the teller line, through Home Banking, WANDA, giving our office a call to transfer funds or even allocated through direct deposit.  Save all year long and on July 1st funds will go into your primary savings suffix 0 unless you indicate otherwise.  Click here for the Vacation Club Transfer Form.

Q3: What is a good resource to learn more about fraud and how to protect myself?
A3: A wonderful website is available to help you. Click here to learn more. Share this website with your family and friends!

Q2: What is National Flag Week?
A2: It is a time to celebrate our national flag and everything it stands for. It's a good time to remember and honor military men and women who defend our flag and our great country!

Q1: Is there still time to sign up for the TVFCU 5k/10k race on Saturday, June 11th?
A1: Yes! Click here to register for the race. Or if you prefer, an ďIn Person RegistrationĒ can be done Friday, June 10th from 9am until 5pm inside our TVFCU branch. The TVFCU 5k/10k race helps fund a scholarship(s) to a high school senior working in one of our Jr. Banking Branches. Help support a local student! We hope to see you on RACE DAY!

May 2016

Q6: Will the credit union be closed for Memorial Day?

A6: Yes, TVFCU will be closed on Saturday, May 28th and on Monday, May, 30th in observance of Memorial Day while we remember the people who died while serving in our country's armed forces and for those we are still waiting to come home.  To see other holidays that TVFCU will be closed, please click here.

Q5: Have you signed up yet for our TVFCU 5k/10k race on Saturday, June 11th?
A5: If not, this race helps fund a scholarship(s) to a high school senior working in one of our Jr. Banking Branches. Follow this link to register for the race and support a local student!

Q4: I no longer have a house phone, do I need to let you know?
A4: It is very helpful when our memberís tell us to remove an outdated phone number and keep us up to date on their current home and cell phone number! You may do so by completing a Change of Address form. We only contact our members by phone if itís a necessity! If we ever need to contact you because we believe you have been a victim of fraud, we need to get in touch with you ASAP!

Q3: When is your annual meeting held?
A3: You are invited to attend this yearís annual meeting on Monday May 16, 2016 at 4:45pm. Please come to the Credit Union and cast your vote!

Q2: What is Wanda, how do I enroll?
A2: Wanda is TVFCUís 24 hour phone teller. In order to use Wanda you need to be set up by the CU with a PIN #. You can call or stop in to get your PIN #. When Wanda asks for your member ID she is asking for your member number. Many members enjoy the convenience of phone banking at their leisure! There is no cost involved. To transfer between different member numbers, simply complete a Wanda Member Transfer Authorization Form. Please call our office for more information.

Q1: Is the Credit Union able to accept a direct deposit from any employer?
A1: We can accept a direct deposit from any place that is willing to send it to us. You will need to provide the depositor with our Routing & Transit number which is 222 383 479 along with either your member number (and indicate a savings deposit) or your 13 digit checking account number (and indicate a checking deposit). We have a Payroll Distribution Form that you may complete to allocate your funds to any account at the CU. This is an especially great way to save for the holidays or a vacation! Did you know that May is National Direct Deposit month? No better time than now to begin!

April 2016

Q5: Can I get pre-approved for my next vehicle before I know what I am going to buy?
A5: YES! TVFCU is happy to determine what dollar amount you can borrow so then you can start shopping to find the car of your dreams. To do this, we will need a completed loan application as well as current proof of income. TVFCU will, also, obtain your credit report in this decision. To complete the application, you have several options Ė by phone, online, mobile, or in person. Once you have made a purchase, we will need a signed purchase offer and an insurance binder indicating that TVFCU is lienholder and that there is comprehensive and collision coverage with no more than a $500 deductible. We will use these documents to set up the additional loan paperwork necessary for you to sign so you can pick up your funds. And, if you receive your loan by 5/31/16, you can reduce your APR by .50%. This applies to both new and used vehicles.

What is the charity for 2016 that TVFCU employees and members are raising money for?
This year it was voted on by employees, to raise funds and support Crossroads House which offers service to residents of Genesee, Wyoming and surrounding counties. Crossroads House is a comfort care home for those who have a terminal illness and is an alternative to a hospital or nursing home. Visit their website to learn more about this non-profit organization, and other donating and volunteering opportunities.

To save trees, I would prefer not receiving paper statements.  Do you offer e-statements?
A3: Yes, going paperless is a great way to “go green”.  Click here for details on how to begin e-statements.

Q2: How do I apply for a mortgage?
A2: Please call the CU to set up an appointment.  Our great rates as well as the items you will need to bring to this appointment can be found on our website. Simply click here.  For the month of April 2016 we are waiving the $200 application fee.  It’s a great time to check out these loans!

Q1: I will be moving soon, when should I notify the CU?
A1: TVFCU statements are mailed to the address we have on file the last business day of the month. So it will depend on what date you give to the post office. TVFCU mail doesn’t get forwarded. Please notify us in writing as soon as possible to avoid the “failure to notify of address change” fee. We also have special rules for “snowbirds”. Remind family members that are moving too! Let us know of any change of address questions you may have, we are happy to assist you!

What is “TVFCU TALK”?
A: “TVFCU TALK” is a new and exciting way to see answers to members’ questions regarding all areas of the Credit Union.  Our goal is to provide helpful answers, tips and advice to keep your financial future on the right track!
Let’s get started and make it happen together!  Starting in April, check back weekly to see what we have in store for you.


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