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TVFCU Jr. Banking Program

Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU) is working to help students gain financial knowledge, now and for the future, through its Jr. Banking Program. The Jr. Banking Program gives students the opportunity to operate in-school branches of the credit union and serve TVFCU members.

TVFCU’s first in-school branch opened in 1998 at Batavia High School, as part of a school-to-work program. Students now receive class credit in the Entrepreneurship class by working for the branch.
In 2005, TVFCU continued its partnership with the Batavia City School District, by opening a branch at Batavia Middle School. At this branch, eighth grade students from the Home and Careers classes operate the branch.

TVFCU partnered with John Kennedy Elementary School to create its first Elementary Jr. Banking branch in 2003.

By 2006, with the addition of Junior Banking branches at Robert Morris and Jackson Elementary Schools, TVFCU completed its partnership with the entire Batavia City School District.
(See HOW TO GET INVOLVED for more information about working for your in-school branch) 
TVFCU’s Youth Banking Program expanded outside of the Batavia City School District in 2007 with a branch at Alexander Central School. Here, any student (grades 8-12) is eligible to work at the branch. This expansion continued in 2010 when Youth and Junior Banking branches opened at Elba Central School. The following year (2011), TVFCU and Byron-Bergen Central School partnered to open both Elementary and High School Jr. Banking branches.
(See HOW TO GET INVOLVED for more information about working for your in-school branch)


TVFCU supports the in-school branches as a means to promote financial education to today’s youth, provide students with work experience in a professional environment and offer members accessibility and convenience to meet their financial needs. TVFCU is proud of the strides the program has made through the years, with a total of eight programs in six different school districts. The current schools we have programs in are:

Elementary Branches
Byron-Bergen Elementary – Thursdays from 8:45am-9:15am
John Kennedy Elementary – Wednesdays from 8:00am-8:30am
Oakfield Elementary – Wednesdays from 1:50pm-2:30pm

High School Branches:
Alexander Middle/High School – Tuesdays from 2:15pm-2:45pm
Batavia High School – Fridays from 2:45pm-3:15pm
Byron-Bergen High School – Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:00pm
Elba Middle/High School – Wednesdays from 2:30pm-3:00pm
Pembroke Jr. /Sr. High School – Mondays from 2:15pm-2:45pm

At the High School level Program

The Jr. Banking Program allows any student or staff that are TVFCU members to access their account directly at the school for deposits, withdrawals, TVFCU MasterCard payments, TVFCU loan payments, cashing checks and purchasing stamps. Students at these branches work as tellers and perform all transactions with the supervision of TVFCU’s Jr. Banking Coordinator, Kara Richenberg (Rykert).
The following forms/applications are also available:

  • Membership Enrollment
  • Payroll Distribution
  • TVFCU MasterCard
  • TVFCU Debit MasterCard/Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Loan
  • Cross-account authorization
  • PIN request
  • Checkbook registers
  • Various TVFCU product brochures

At the Elementary Level Program
Any student or staff that are TVFCU members can access their account at these branches for cash and check deposits or open a NEW account. Students who are interested in working at a Junior Banking branch have the ability to hold various job positions in addition to teller. These positions include: auditor, treasurer and president. A school-appointed branch liaison oversees branch activity at the Junior Banking level. Students learn valuable money counting skills along with learning the responsibility of different positions at their school credit union! The students use teamwork to process each member’s transaction successfully.

Our mascot for the elementary branches is Marvin the Money Monkey. Marvin loves healthy financials along with healthy living! Getting students to be aware of good saving habits and healthy eating at an early age will start them off on the right foot for later in life!


If you do not have a TVFCU primary savings account and wish to open one, you may do so at participating school branches. You will need to complete a Membership Enrollment card (, provide TVFCU with a copy of your Social Security card* and a copy of photo ID*. You will also need to provide the $5.00 minimum balance requirement to open and maintain the account. Membership Enrollment cards are available at all Jr. Banking branches or at our offices in Batavia at 10 Jefferson Sq. NY.

A minor is not required to have a joint owner(s) on an account; however, it is strongly advised by TVFCU that a parent/guardian sign onto the account in order to access or help manage their child’s account. For information on how to add a joint owner to a new or existing account, please stop by any school branch or visit the TVFCU office.

*Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.

Student Access to Account Information

  • Branch liaisons and student employees have limited access to members’ account information.

  • No member numbers are required to access accounts at the Elementary Branches. Money is deposited using TVFCU Junior Banking envelopes, which are sealed and secured until returned to TVFCU.

  • Deposit and withdrawal slips used at the High School Branches are two-part, enabling members to receive a receipt for transactions.

  • No sensitive information is left at the branch at any time.


  • Students interested in working at a High School Branch will attend an introductory course and must submit a resume and attend a mock interview. During the interview process, students learn professionalism in a work environment. After being “hired” the students will attend an orientation session, directed by the Jr. Banking coordinator.

  • Students interested in working at an Elementary Branch will attend an introductory course, followed by a job description session held by school liaison.

All student employees must complete TVFCU’s confidentiality training and sign TVFCU policies prior to performing any credit union transaction while working at an in-school branch.



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