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PIN/Password Requests


PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)

Home Banking & WANDA

Initially, you must contact TVFCU to access Home Banking or Wanda (our 24-hour telephone teller).  We will assign you a unique PIN/password to access your account.  Each service will prompt you to change your PIN/password upon your first login.  Wanda and Home Banking have separate PIN/password requirements.  Wanda will require a numerical value whereas Home Banking requires a password that is 8 characters in length and contains at least 1 number and 1 letter (upper-case or lower-case).

If you forget your PIN/password, please contact us at 585.343.5627.

WANDA is available at 585-344-5544 or 800-887-5544.

MasterCard Debit Card PINs

MasterCard issues PINs for MasterCard Debit Cards. These PINs are mailed to you separately from your debit card. Should you need a new PIN, please notify TVFCU’s Loan Department. Members cannot change their MasterCard Debit Card PIN.

MasterCard Credit Cards PINs

MasterCard mails your PIN directly to you, separately from your MasterCard Credit Card. You have the ability to change your MasterCard Credit Card PIN to a number of your choice. Should you need a new PIN, please contact TVFCU’s Loan Department.

*TVFCU will never ask you for any PIN information. For security purposes, please keep all of your PINs confidential.

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